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Now Offering Free Delivery On All Orders $100 & Above!

Organic Early Harvest Unfiltered Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

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This is a rare sought after Extra Virgin Olive Oil due to its 0.3% Acidity Level. An acidity level of 0.8 percent is average, 0.5 percent is good and 0.3 percent is considered the highest quality. The time from the organic green olives are harvested until the olive oil is extracted is kept within a short 4 hours, minimizing oxidation, allowing it to contain the highest level of chlorophyll and antioxidant.  2.30g Antioxidant per 100g. (4 hours Organic Olive Oil Analysis-TÜBİTAK data)

Acid Rate: 0.3% Acidity

Olive type:  Organic Green Olive

Extrusion Technology: With high technology, cold pressing without touching and using water, without seeing any heat

Harvest Time:  Early Green Harvest

Harvest Period: The  collection and squeezing process was carried out within a maximum of 4 hours.

Product:  Early Harvest Filtered Organic Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Amount of Olives Used: The  amount of organic green olives used for 1 liter of organic early harvest filtered olive oil is 6-8 kg.

Acid Ratio:  Maximum 0.3 Acid (in Oleic acid)

Type of Bottle Used:  4 Hours Organic Early Harvest Filtered Cold Pressed Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil is bottled in dark colored glass bottles of 250 ml, 500 ml, specially produced in Italy, in a hygienic environment without touching the amount of vitamin in it.

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