EFE established Its Place In The Market As
A Trustworthy And Innovative Company Producing High Quality Spirits.


EFE Raki Classic 700ml
EFE Raki Classic 700ml

EFE Raki Classic 700ml

EFE Raki Yas Uzum 700ml
EFE Raki Yas Uzum 700ml

EFE Raki Yas Uzum 700ml

EFE Raki Gold 700ml
EFE Raki Gold 700ml

EFE Raki Gold 700ml

EFE Raki Sari Zeybek 700ml
EFE Raki Sari Zeybek 700ml

EFE Raki Sari Zeybek 700ml

EFE Raki Gobek 700ml
EFE Raki Gobek 700ml

EFE Raki Gobek 700ml

EFE Raki 5 Years 700ml
EFE Raki 5 Years 700ml

EFE Raki 5 Years 700ml


Efe raki product details

EFE Classic Raki 

  • Made from authentic Anatolian grapes and aniseeds.
  • Turkey’s first private enterprise rakı as well as first blend rakı.
  • EFE Rakı, EFE Fresh Grapes Rakı and EFE Triple Distilled Rakı are blended in order to obtain EFE Classic’s perfect taste. 
  • Original recipe of EFE Classic’s blend has been prepared according to the taste criteria of Aydın Boysan; a well-known Turkish rakı connoisseur, writer and architect.
  • EFE Classic represents superior quality in its segment, thanks to rich grape distilled alcohol and distinguished aniseed flavours.
  • 45% ABV..

EFE Yaz Uzum Raki

  • Turkey’s first fresh grapes’ rakı
  • EFE Fresh Grapes is made from 100% fresh grapes
  • EFE Fresh Grapes was selected among “Coolest” top 14 brands by CoolBrands Turkey in 2007
  • It was awarded with a “Double Gold Medal” in San Fransisco World Spirits
    Competition in 2010..
  • Balanced aniseed content and purity of its alcohol determines its incomparable smooth taste.
  • 45% ABV..

EFE Gold Raki

  • EFE Gold, which is launched in 2015, is made from Anatolian grapes and aniseeds
  • EFE Gold has been matured for 120 days including time in oak barrels; to inherit smooth taste, distinctive colour and aromas.
  • No sugar is added in the making of EFE Gold.
  • 45% ABV..

EFE Sari Zeybek Raki

  • Sarı Zeybek is made with 100% grape alcohol and distilled twice in copper
    alembics with aniseeds
  • Double distillation of aniseeds from Tefenni Region give Sarı Zeybek its superior smoothness and distinct aroma.
  • Sarı Zeybek is matured in oak barrels, where it takes on its unique colour
    and taste
  • You may enjoy Sarı Zeybek by drinking straight and cold or by adding
    water and ice..
  • 45% ABV..

EFE Gobek Raki

  • The EFE Rakı Göbek is the golden center of the Rakı, a copper kettle distillate that is divided into 5 layers, using only the high-quality middle piece (göbek = belly).
  • After distillation, the EFE Göbek Rakı is allowed to rest and ripen for 4 months before being bottled.
  • This Rakı is characterized by its very mild taste, the easy drinking flow and the wonderfully coordinated anise aroma. The anise taste is in the foreground, but not dominant.
  • 45% ABV..

The history of raki

For nearly two centuries, Rakı is enjoyed with delicious Turkish Meze
(traditional starters) and cuisine accompanied by sceneries of the beautiful
landscapes of the Aegean Coast.
The home of Rakı in the world is Turkey. Rakı was first produced during
the rule of the Ottoman Empire.
Some people believe that the word “Rakı” comes from the type of the grape
called “Razaki”.
Locally in Turkey, Rakı is known as “lion’s milk” due its pure white colour.
Another reason is that; in old Ottoman pubs, it used to be served in metal
cups embossed with a lion picture.


Meze which is the indispensable food of Turkish and Mediterranian cousine as a starter or side food. Mezes vary from cold food (cheese, salad, yoghurt, cold meat, nuts, olive oil vegetables etc) to hot food (börek and seafood as starter before the meal or during the meal as side food). Meze associates rakı more than any other drinks.

The Rakı the table alcohol by default in Turkey, where, instead of wine or beer, it accompanied the dishes in the restaurants of meat and fish. It is even said that it’s hot and cold mezes (Turkish tapas), as well as fish that accompany the drink rather than the reverse. A meal with rakı usually begins with a slice of cheese like feta cheese (beyaz peynir), and melon (kavun). . 


It is now time to drink Raki as long as if you know how to prepare the ideal glass of it. The best is to put a little water first, than raki and then water is poured into the glass. Ratio in the glass depends on the drinker, 50% Raki – 50% Water is always safe, but the real best is 65% Raki and 35% Water..

It is drunk with water. Pour one shot (tek) or double (duble) raki into the glass and add some water (and ice preferably, which is not prefered by the raki experts). The water makes it white, like milk, lion’s milk!