Frozen Turkey Breast Approx 1kg (Raw)



​Roasting a turkey breast is easy and allows everyone to have the juicy, white meat. Less work and stress, no worries about under cooking or thawing the whole bird properly. These boneless whole muscle turkey breast roasts are gluten-free and made from large mountain-grown tom turkeys with natural skin covering and are packed in netting and a shrink wrapped bag. Roast, slice, and eat. 

Alternatively, thaw and slice to make a healthy Schnitzel variation. 

Features and Benefits

  • Boneless whole muscle breast with natural skin covering
  • Contains up to 15% of a solution of turkey broth, salt, sodium phosphate and flavoring
  • No added fats, oils & sugars
  • Roasted turkey breast is a delicious, gluten-free choice all year round.