Nutrition Box


Try these Natural & Organic Dried Fruits & Nuts Nutrition Box . They are perfect for:

• A healthy pantry snack

• A perfect topping for cereal, yogurt, salad and trail mix

• A delicious ingredient for baking.

• A gift for friends or families.

Satisfy your snack cravings with your selected Dried Fruits & Nuts in this special variety pack. Lemed uses only the highest quality of Dried Fruits & Nuts.

Our Nutrition Box consist of 60 packs of Natural and Organic Dried Fruits and Nuts. 

Each pack is carefully selected to meet your needs for a healthier portion snack. 

In line with government’s campaign against obesity and diabetes, these products are high fiber, low GI and contains important nutrients, minerals and vitamins. 

Recommended to consume daily in moderation to maintain good health.  

NOTE: Please choose your 12 selected packs below!