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Now Offering Free Delivery On All Orders $100 & Above!

Akalp Ciftligi Whole Fat Goat Squeezed Cheese 500g

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Squeezed cheese, which is a type of cheese unique to the Hatay region, is obtained by hand-squeezing, straining, and shaping as a result of the boiling process after the cheese is fermented.

Squeezed Cheese Prepared with Goat's Milk Is Less Salty. It is one of the indispensable cheeses of the Hatay Region. Although the Fat Rate is Low, the Salt Rate is Low. You Must Have This Cheese On Your Breakfast Tables. 

Cut the cheese into thick slices, be careful not to be thin. Pour the oil into the pan and heat it slightly. Fry both sides of the cheese in oil and take it to the plate you will serve and consume it hot,

Produced by Traditional Methods, Without Using Additives. 

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