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Anadolu Lezzetleri Yusufeli Mulberry Fruit Leather 250g

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Mulberries grown in the Coruh Valley, which is rich in biodiversity in Artvin, have a different taste due to the structure and climate of the region. Due to the steep terrain, only wild-grown fruits are picked in June, when they are most delicious. 

Starting with ripe mulberries meticulously processed into a velvety puree, the fruit's natural sweetness is gently concentrated through slow cooking. This luscious mulberry puree is then thinly spread and sun-dried, allowing it to naturally solidify into a chewy, leathery texture that defines Mulberry Fruit Leather.

Each piece of Turkish Mulberry Fruit Leather delivers the concentrated essence of ripe mulberries, offering a delightful balance of sweetness and the berry's unique tartness. Preserved without additives or preservatives, this artisanal delight encapsulates the genuine flavor of natural ingredients.


Mulberry molasses, honey, milk, water, sugar, wheat flour

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You can consume Yusufeli Mulberry Pastry as a snack at any time of the day, or you can use it as a substitute for sugar along with tea.

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