Devrekani Einkorn Sour Dough Yeast 200g


Sour Yeast prepared from Einkorn Flour

Sourdough is maintained by living organisms, but it is the easiest yeast to store and maintain. All he needs is flour and water.

Differences between Sourdough and Instant Fresh/Dry Yeast
While this natural leavening agent has been used by mankind for 5000 years, instant fresh or dry yeast has been used for only 100 years.

A single strong fungus is usually used in instant yeasts. This powerful mushroom activates the dough quickly, thus saving a lot of time. Of course, with the sacrifice of taste, unfortunately.

There are many active bacterial and fungal cultures in sourdough. So it is more probiotic.
Unlike instant yeast, sourdough never ends. When it decreases, add flour and water and the yeast is ready. Use as much as you want.