Devrekani Purple Einkorn Flour 500g

With the Mormiks product, It combined the values ​​of both mormiks and einkorn by mixing the einkorn flour, which is very low in gluten and obtained with its completely natural structure, by grinding the ancestral einkorn wheat in a stone mill. 

Bread and bakery products made from Mormiks einkorn flour will help you live a healthier life with its low glycemic and nutritive properties. 

Usage: With our Mormiks Einkorn Flour, knead the dough you will prepare until it turns purple and you can make any product you want, whether you make bread dough, cake or other pastries. 

Mormiks (Red-Purple Fruit and Vegetable Extracts Pomegranate, Blackberry, Black Carrot, Cherry) and Einkorn Flour