Ekoloji Organic Pine Honey 225g

Pine Honey obtained from Muğla and Marmaris region, which has the richest natural pine forests of Turkey.

The most important characteristic of pine honey is that it can be kept for longer durations without its texture corrupts or crystallizes. Its colour is darker than the flower honey.

Pine honey with its dark and misty colour has a distinctive feature. Glucose and fructose content of the pine honey is quite low compared to flower honey. Its taste is less sweet and less bitter than flower honey.

Pine honey contains more enzymes, amino acids and minerals than flower honey. It has an antioxidant impact. For healthy development it is quite useful to consume pine honey against iron deficiencies and such conditions occurring in children due to inadequate nutrition.

Pine honey has a weight-loss feature provided that it is consumed in a glass of lukewarm water every morning on an empty stomach.