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Now Offering Free Delivery On All Orders $100 & Above!

Gran Duque d'Alba Solera Gran Reserva 700ml

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The extraordinary characteristics of this brandy are the result of a painstaking selection of the materials it is made with. It begins with the selection of excellent Palomino and Airen white wines; early distillation and the methods employed are decisive to the final quality of the holandas, which are aged in casks of American oak that have previously been aged with oloroso sherry. Then they enter the traditional system of Criaderas y Soleras in the 10th criadera, progressively going down until they reach the solera cask. The amount of brandy taken out is carefully controlled in order to ensure that the brandy maintains the same age at all times.

The solera of Gran Dugue d’Alba is more than 100 years old. From the bottommost – the 12th - bank of the casks the matured brandy is taken, once per year and not more than 1/3 of the content. So it is always filled up with 2/3 brandy of all vintages since 1890! The unique taste of Gran Duque d’Alba comes from brandies from one century.



gold-highlighted mahagony


the complexity of the aromas – wine esters with distinctive balsamic notes – remind of the brandy’s lengthy presence in wood


medium-dry, smooth and full, with burnt undertones and hints of vanilla


long, pleasing finish

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