Hatay Brown Medium Coarse Bulgur 250g (Ince Pilavlik Bulgur)


 Brown Medium Coarse Bulgur Produced From 100% Anatolian Hard Durum Wheat and Cracked by stone mills. Due to the quality of the wheat used and cracking by stone mills, our bulgur has a natural golden color and glossary.

Benefits Of Bulgur

  • Because of the folic acid it contains, it is a very important food ingredient for children and pregnant women.

  • It has unsaturated fat and is a healthy food because it has a low total fat content.

  • It doesn’t contain cholesterol.

Bulgur’s Nutritional Edge over Brown Rice

A comparison between bulgur and brown rice, showing that a cup of bulgur has fewer calories and less fat. In terms of nutrition, bulgur holds its own when compared to fiber-rich brown rice – with more than twice the fiber and four times as much folate! Bulgur can be used in recipes calling for converted rice, and has been found to be more nutritious than rice.

BULGUR, 1 cup cooked

BROWN RICE, long-grain, 1 cup cooked

151 calories

216 calories

0.44 grams fat

1.8 grams fat

8.2 grams fiber

3.5 grams fiber

32.8 micrograms folate

7.8 micrograms folate