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Karadeniz Kars Aged Kashkaval Cheese (Eski Kasar)

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The fact that Kars region has a unique production of cheddar cheese when it is obtained from the milk of animals that grow healthy in natural environments. Kars old cheddar, which is created by aging especially the cheddar cheese, is aged for 6 months and the crust is provided. 

This aged kashar is also referred to as elleme in this region. Cheddar cheese, the outer surface of which becomes moldy during the waiting period, becomes very delicious and creates its taste thanks to this mold. Kars old cheddar cheese has a feature that can be stored in a cold environment for two or even three years. 

Kars, made from raw milk, is fermented with wooden or metal molds for 45-60 minutes at 30-34 degrees. Afterwards, it is divided into pieces and the curd collapses to the bottom of the can, then the whey accumulated with a cloth laid on the can is pressed and the remaining water is removed. Then, it is chopped several times with special graters to remove the cheese water and rest on the benches until the ripening period is completed. 

Then the cheese is put into perforated metal containers or knitted baskets and boiled in 70-80 degrees hot water. It is shaped by hand and rested in molds, kept in special warehouses for 20-30 days, then placed in sacks and transferred to the cold storage where it is aged for 6 months.

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