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It is a very health store spice mix that has been on breakfast tables in Anatolia for centuries. Consuming this breakfast makes the person very resistant to diseases when it is made naturally. Thanks to this structure, it should be consumed as a complete protector against flu, especially in winter.

Semir Eraslan Stone mortars are used in making thyme for breakfast . In this way, the cereals to be placed in it are fully pollinated as desired. Since it is pounded by hand, there is no loss of nutritional value of the nutrients put into it.

Over time, it appears as a traditional breakfast culture.

Many different spices and legumes such as chickpeas, chickpeas, bulgur, fennel, watermelon seeds, chili peppers, coriander are mixed in the home style Semir Eraslan breakfast zahter.

In order for the mixture to be homogeneous, the ratio of the materials put into the mortar before the pestle is adjusted by our expert staff.

Thanks to the beneficial spices in it, the problem of constipation is eliminated and it helps the intestines to work properly because it is good for metabolism.

It also gives a feeling of satiety for a long time and is an extremely satisfying food source.

It is consumed with cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil and it is more beneficial for health in this way.

It is one of the authentic Anatolian delicacies that a habituation will never give up and it is definitely recommended to be present on your tables.