Vegan Kangal Sucuk 240g


This Sucuk is the vegan version of a traditional Turkish sausage: a well-seasoned, piquant treat with a garlicky taste. Traditionally served sliced as a lightly fried or grilled appetizer with bread and vegetables,

it can also serve as a savory filling in pastries and samosas. Our vegan Sucuk can also be eaten raw, for example with bread and olives or, of course, as a delicious guilty pleasure with nothing added at all.

It does not contain preservatives and colorants.

Cooking Suggestion:

You can cook the sausage slices in the desired amount of oil in the pan for 2 minutes on both sides. It is recommended to cook a little in oil before using it in foods such as toast and pizza.

Ingredients: Boiled Legumes, Vegetable Bouillon with Celery, Spices, Nutritional Yeast, Gluten