Whole Einkorn (Siyez) Flour 500g

Whole Wheat Einkorn flour is known as the ancestor of the flour used today. The history of einkorn wheat, known as spa wheat and grown in Kastamonu, dates back to about 12 thousand years ago. Einkorn wheat, the world's first wheat, has not been genetically modified. Einkorn flour, which is recommended to be used instead of white flour due to its fibrous structure and nutritional properties, contains very little gluten compared to white flour. 

Einkorn flour, which is very rich in B vitamins, also contains vitamins A and E. Containing many beneficial minerals, einkorn flour is also very beneficial for the digestive system, as it contains fiber. 

Einkorn flour, which contains selenium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, folic acid and zinc minerals, is also considered as beneficial carbohydrates by nutritionists and can be consumed instead of white bread. Einkorn Flour Accelerates Metabolism