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Free Delivery For Orders $100 & Above!

Delicemer Lump Fish Caviar Red 100g

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Lumpfish Caviar Red, renowned for its vivid crimson hue and distinctive burst of flavor, captures the essence of the sea in every delicate pearl. These miniature, ruby-red beads are carefully sourced from the roe of lumpfish, delivering a unique and flavorful caviar experience.

Celebrated for its balanced brininess and subtle oceanic essence, Lumpfish Caviar Red presents a delightful pop of flavor that enhances a variety of dishes. Its vibrant color and mild yet distinct taste make it a versatile addition to both gourmet creations and everyday culinary delights.


Red lump fish eggs, salt

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Lumpfish is also great used as a garnish to impress your guests. Best way to use lumpfish roe is to top softly boiled eggs, and serve with buttered toast fingers.

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