EFE Raki Gobek 700ml


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Category: Anise, Spirits, Raki

Alcohol: 45%

The Efe Raki Gobek is the golden center of the Raki, a copper kettle distillate that is divided into 5 layers, using only the high-quality middle piece (göbek = belly). After distillation, the Efe Göbek Rakı is allowed to rest and ripen for 4 months before being bottled. 

This raki is characterized by its very mild taste, the easy-drinking flow, and the wonderfully coordinated anise aroma. The anise taste is in the foreground, but not dominant.

In the distillation process, a thermal separation process to obtain raki, the alcoholic suma (from fresh grapes or raisins) is boiled. Then the distillation process is divided into 3 components on the forerun, middle run, and wake, only the middle run part is used in the production of drinking alcohol. 

This middle part is again divided into 3 qualities, whereby the nature, aroma, and taste of the Raki vary, the “Gobek” is the perfectly coordinated middle.