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Free Delivery For Orders $100 & Above!

Zanetti Pecorino Romano Portion 200g

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Crafted exclusively from sheep's milk, this cheese carries the unique richness and depth of flavor that sets Pecorino Romano apart from other varieties. The use of sheep's milk adds a delightful tanginess to the cheese.

This Pecorino Romano is celebrated for its bold and savory taste, characterized by a distinctive nuttiness and a hint of saltiness. The prolonged aging process contributes to its complex flavor profile. Its meticulous aging process, allows it to develop its characteristic crumbly texture and intense flavor. The cheese is carefully monitored to ensure optimal quality and taste.

Sheep's Milk, salt, animal rennet

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The robust flavor of Pecorino Romano pairs exceptionally well with full-bodied red wines or Italian whites, creating a harmonious combination that delights the palate.

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