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Almonds are alkaline and ideal for obtaining the 75% alkaline daily food balance. An alkaline in the body promotes natural healing. 

Eating almonds raw by the handful is the easiest way to obtain all of their healthful benefits. Almonds supply a wealth of essential nutrients required for good health. 


  • Boost Brain Health
  • Regulate Cholesterol Levels
  • Improve Bone Health
  • Prevent Heart Disease​
  • Reduces Hunger & Promotes Weight Loss​


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​Serving Size 100g

Amount Per Serving

Calories 579

% Daily Value

Total Fat 50g  77%

   Saturated Fat 3.8g  19%

Sodium 1mg  0%

Total Carbohydrate 22g  7%

   Dietary Fiber 13g  52%

   Sugar 4.4g

Protein 21g  42%

Vitamin A 0% •Vitamin C 0%

Calcium  27% •Iron 21%​