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Free Delivery For Orders $100 & Above!

Asri Tursucu Natural Homemade Pickled Acur (Russian Cucumber) 1kg

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Asri Turşucu was established as a family business in Fatih Edirnekapı, Turkey since 1938 and has continued with the same quality and taste until today.

Each acur is carefully selected at the peak of its freshness, ensuring that you enjoy the finest quality. Through a meticulous pickling process rooted in time-honored methods, these cucumbers retain their natural crunch while embracing the tangy and slightly spicy notes that define a well-crafted pickle.

A true culinary treasure, our Pickled Acur brings a unique twist to your dining experience. Whether you're enhancing the flavors of your sandwiches, creating mouthwatering charcuterie platters, or simply seeking a taste of authentic pickled goodness, these cucumbers offer a burst of homemade charm that elevates every dish.

These products are 100% probiotic pickles and it does not have any preservatives or additives!

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