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Category: Anise, Spirits, Raki

Alcohol: 45%

The Efe Rakı Göbek is the golden center of the Rakı, a copper kettle distillate that is divided into 5 layers, using only the high-quality middle piece (göbek = belly). After distillation, the Efe Göbek Rakı is allowed to rest and ripen for 4 months before being bottled. 

This rakı is characterized by its very mild taste, the easy drinking flow and the wonderfully coordinated anise aroma. The anise taste is in the foreground, but not dominant.

In the distillation process, a thermal separation process to obtain rakı, the alcoholic suma (from fresh grapes or raisins) is boiled. Then the distillation process is divided into 3 components on the forerun, middle run and wake, only the middle run part is used in the production of drinking alcohol. 

This middle part is again divided into 3 qualities, whereby the nature, aroma and taste of the Rakı vary, the “Göbek” is the perfectly coordinated middle.