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Itimat Bergama Tulum Cheese 300g

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Hailing from the town of Bergama, this Tulum Cheese is a testament to the unique flavours and textures that define regional Turkish cheeses.

Crafted with expertise and care, Bergama Tulum Cheese is made with a harmonious blend of high-quality goat, cow, and sheep's milk, a trio that contributes to the cheese's complexity and richness. The artisanal process includes molding and aging in a traditional tulum, a skin made from animal hide. This meticulous method imparts a distinct character to the cheese, creating a crumbly yet creamy texture with a savory and nutty flavour profile.

Bergama Tulum Cheese is a versatile addition to your culinary repertoire. Whether enjoyed on its own, paired with fruits and nuts, or incorporated into salads and pastries, this cheese brings a touch of sophistication to your table. Its authentic taste makes it a favorite choice for those who appreciate the nuanced and robust qualities of Turkish Tulum Cheese.


Pasteurized Goat, sheep, and sheep milk, and rennet

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You can create excellent flavours for pastries or add them to your salads prepared with seasonal greens.

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