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Kocatepe Turkish Coffee With Mastic (Damla Sakizli) 100g

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Kocatepe Turkish Coffee with Damla Sakizli is a celebration of the time-honored Turkish coffee tradition, enhanced with the infusion of Damla Sakizli, a resin extracted from the mastic tree. This special addition imparts a unique flavor profile, creating a coffee experience that is both authentic and innovative.

The infusion of Damla Sakizli brings a subtle, resinous note to the coffee, adding a layer of complexity to the traditional Turkish coffee flavor. Enjoy the rich and aromatic notes characteristic of Turkish coffee, intensified by the unique essence of Damla Sakizli.


Ground coffee (98%), mastic flavoring

Country Of Origin



1. Put the drinking water measured with the coffee cup into the coffee pot.

2. For each cup, add two teaspoons (6-7g) of coffee and sugar if desired.

3. Put the coffee pot on low heat and stir.

4. Divide the bubbling foam into the cups, boil the coffee one more stone, and pour it into the cups.

5. To preserve the freshness of the coffee for a longer time, keep it closed in a cool and dry place.

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