Limmo Lemonade 300ml

The delicious lemons offered by the soft climate and fertile soils of the Mediterranean are carefully picked from the branch and reach our production facility in their freshest form. Each lemon is carefully selected and processed.

Lemons processed by international standards are separated by preserving the pulp particles in their core. Only fresh lemon and beet sugar are used, without adding any preservatives, flavorings, additives, or coloring. The magnificent fruit offered by nature; In the "homemade" way, it turns into a lemonade of high standards.

Limmo lemonade, which won the Crystal Award by winning the 3-Star Superior Taste Award four years in a row and is suitable for consumption in all seasons with its freshness, is squeezed and condensed in the patented squeezing line we developed, packaged in a special 300 ml package and offered for consumption with the cold chain system. Lemonade for 6-8 people is obtained from each package.

Ingredients: Lemon juice, granulated sugar. The fruit Ratio is at least 57%. LIMMO does not contain colorants, preservatives, and additives.