New Zealand Free Range Skinless Chicken Breast Fillets 380g (Frozen)

You get 2 boneless skin-on chicken breasts in a convenient 380g vacuum pack. The chicken is naturally slow grown and therefore the meat is much healthier, better formed, tastier, and juicier than commodity chicken. 

Chicken breasts are amazingly versatile, use them for slow cooking, baking, bbq, and grilling. You can also bread them or stuff them. 

Free-range, open pasture-raised chicken from New Zealand. Naturally and sustainably slow-grown with love and care on apple orchards in New Zealand. The happy chicken roams and forages freely as nature intended. No antibiotics, no growth hormones, no GMO feed, no chlorine washing. They are fed with a balanced and nutritious diet of grains, corn, vitamins, and minerals and with full access to clean fresh water.