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Acid Rate:

0.3 Acidity

Olive type:  Organic Green Olive

Extrusion Technology: With high technology, cold pressing without touching and using water, without seeing any heat

Harvest Time:  Early Green Harvest

Harvest Period: The  collection and squeezing process was carried out within a maximum of 4 hours.

Product:  Early Harvest Filtered Organic Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Amount of Olives Used: The  amount of organic green olives used for 1 liter of organic early harvest filtered olive oil is 6-8 kg.

Acid Ratio:  Maximum 0.3 Acid (in Oleic acid)

Type of Bottle Used:  4 Hours Organic Early Harvest Filtered Cold Pressed Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil is bottled in dark colored glass bottles of 250 ml, 500 ml, specially produced in Italy, in a hygienic environment without touching the amount of vitamin in it.