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Doganay Spicy Turnip Juice (Salgam Acili) 300ml

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Doganay Spicy Turnip Juice follows a time-honored recipe that pays homage to the rich culinary traditions of Turkey. The careful selection of ingredients and meticulous preparation capture the essence of this beloved beverage.
The infusion of spicy notes elevates the turnip juice, creating a symphony of flavours that dance on your palate. It's not just a drink; it's an experience for those who appreciate a touch of heat in their beverages.
The crispness of turnip juice combined with the lively spice blend makes this beverage incredibly refreshing. It's the perfect companion for warm days or as a palate cleanser during meals.

Water, purple carrot, salt, bulgur (wheat product), turnip radid, preservative (sodium benzoate), ornamental pepper

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Accompany your favourite meze (appetizers) with a glass of Doganay Spicy Turnip Juice to enhance the overall dining experience.

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