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Tokana Frozen Cheese Pastry (Kalem Boregi) 400g (16pcs)

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Tokana Frozen Cheese Pastry (Kalem Boregi) is a delightful fusion of flaky pastry layers and a savory cheese filling that brings the authentic flavours of Turkish cuisine to your fingertips. Carefully crafted and conveniently frozen, this culinary masterpiece allows you to experience the richness and warmth of Turkish pastries with ease.

Each pastry is enveloped in thin and flaky layers that create a delightful crunch while maintaining a soft and tender interior. The heart of the pastry is filled with a sumptuous blend of cheese, providing a savory and creamy contrast to the crispness of the pastry layers.

Tokana Frozen Cheese Pastry is designed for your convenience, allowing you to savor the authentic taste of Turkish pastries without the need for extensive preparation.



Yufka, full-fat feta cheese, unsalted curd.

Country Of Origin



After the pastries are dissolved at room temperature. Put plenty of oil in a deep frying pan or saucepan and heat it thoroughly. After the oil is hot, carefully put the pastries into the hot oil and deep fry it until they are crispy on all sides. Once they are fried, take the pastries out one by one on a serving plate lined with paper towels.

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